Salman Khan Drunk Driving Case Nears HC Verdict

Earlier this year Salman Khan was given a 5 year imprisonment for his 2002 drunk driving case where he was found guilty driving the Toyota Land Cruiser himself and rammed into the A-1 Bakery killing one and injuring four others. He was charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder and he was made to serve in prison but was given bail and hence he made an appeal later in the Bombay High Court.


Salman’s defense lawyer Amit Desai had been arguing that there were a lot of discrepancies in the case since the very beginning as the prosecution had brought in fake witnesses and hence the court’s decision was made to influence against his client. “The prosecution has presented false witnesses, which is why most of them turned slippery at some point in the trial,” he said.

“We have produced credible witnesses to establish that Salman Khan had consumed alcohol at the Rain Bar & Restaurant before going to JW Marriot Hotel. While returning from there, he dashed his vehicle near the A1-Bakery – It was he who is responsible for the mishap,” chief public prosecutor and government pleader Sandeep Shinde made a statement in the court while presenting his argument in front of the judge.

Earlier Salman Khan was also tried for killing a family sleeping on the footpath when he was drunk. There were arguments made that the Salman Khan’s driver was the one driving then and he was the one responsible for the incident, still after some other hard evidence came into light, the entire incident was made clear and Salman Khan was convicted.

Hit and Run cases or Drunk Driving cases and incidences have not been rare in case of Salman Khan when every other odd year he ends up in a muddle like this. not just him but other Bollywood stars have been involved in road rages and accidents, but they have mended their ways and no other incidence was ever reported. But in case of Salman this is something of a yearly thing for him. Guess he does not like to live out of the limelight and it seems like he is trying to build some good relationships with the law enforcement, hence the regular visits. But all the jokes apart, this is a very serious issue that needs addressing.


For now Bombay High Court Justice A. R. Joshi who is presiding over the case seems to have reached his verdict point and it is only a matter of time when he gives out his verdict. Time will tell if Salman will be charged again for the hit and run or will he be cleared of the charges or if the sentence could be reduced and maybe even granted bail for the same.