Rahman mesmerises Kolkata audience

Kolkata, Nov 15 (Inditop.com) Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman captivated thousands here with his mellifluous tunes comprising hip-hop, funk and jazz.

A huge audience at the Salt Lake stadium Saturday was left yearning for more after the three-hour live “Jai Ho” concert of the maestro who presented a delightful cocktail of hard rock, rap and Arabian music.

Oriental music fused with western as Rahman unfolded his wide range of compositions with singers like Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam.

Waving an invisible magic wand, Rahman effortlessly co-ordinated the show at various times fiddling with the key-board, piano and the harmonium, with percussionist Shivamani giving him admirable support.

“Yeh haseen wadiyan yeh khula aasmaan”, the immortal song from “Roja” and hit compositions from “Bombay” — “Kehna hai kya” and “Tuhi re” — saw Rahman singing a few lines with the vocalists.

Sadhana presented “Jiya jale jaan jale” on the stage that looked resplendent in a laser background.

With Rahman on harmonium, “Khwajaji Khwajaji” from “Jodhaa Akbar” and “Maula Maula” from “Arziyan” left the audience spellbound with their soulful strains.

Attired in a red Sherwani, Rahman repeatedly wooed the crowd during the performance.

“In Los Angeles, when somebody asked me which audience appreciated your music the best, I could only think of Kolkata,” said Rehman who was performing here after six years.

Recalling his past experience in the city, he said: “If I have to hug each one of you, it would take me two years but I would still do that.”