Bollywood actor R Madhavan who gave us many hits and did some wonderful roles including the one in Tanu Weds Manu is now preparing for his role in a new movie “Saala Khadoos”. The actor is not leaving any stone unturned for his training for the movie and he has even gone to the lengths of going all the way to the United States of America for his physical training.

When asked about his training, the actor said that he had almost reached the biceps size of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Madhavan is preparing for a very important role for this movie and hence for this he wants to be absolutely perfect to fit the role of his character in the movie Saala Khadoos.

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“I learned different ways of working out. I learned a lot about my body. Let me just say that Arnold Schwarzenegger had 20-inch biceps when he did his first film, and when I did ‘Saala Khadoos’, being a vegetarian I managed 18 and half inches,” Madhavan said and added “I had reduced for ‘Tanu Weds Manu‘ but this (workout) was an exciting thing for me.”

The actor was asked as to why he went to the US for his training when there are more than capable trainers and the infrastructure is available here since all the other actors like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and many others have always trained in India itself and never gone abroad for their physical training. To this Madhavan replied, “Because had I been here, I would’ve just eaten dahi chawal and puri bhaji. I went there because you need to put yourself into a mental state before you get the physical state right. I first learned boxing when I went there.”

“But then I realized that in the film, I’m not doing boxing and that I have to do more training so I started training. And that’s when I realized that if you have to do boxing for even 40 seconds, how much preparation – strength, stamina and energy – you need,” he said.

R Madhavan plays the role of a Boxing Coach in the movie which is another fighting thriller. It is interesting to see the trend as to how suddenly everyone is making movies based on fighting or wrestling. Salman Khan is shooting for Sultan, Aamir Khan is doing Dangal and now R Madhavan with Saala Khadoos.