Priyanka Chopra scared of horses

New Delhi, Sep 25 (INDITOP) Priyanka Chopra is scared of horses but her determination to give her best enabled her to sail through a scene in “Drona” where she had to ride a horse with Abhishek Bachchan.Priyanka plays Abhishek’s bodyguard in “Drona” and tries to save him from evil in the film.

In one of the sequences, she had to ride a horse and no one on the sets knew that she has a phobia for horses. She got very nervous seeing the horse on the sets.

“Since the day we started the shooting of ‘Drona’, Priyanka was very confident about her action and fighting scenes. She was very confident until we started shooting for this scene where she was supposed to ride a horse. She suddenly got very edgy with the idea of riding a horse and that was when we realised that Priyanka was actually scared of horses,” said director Goldie Behl.

But Priyanka overcame her fear and gave the shot.

“The horse sequence was very prominent for the scene. After a creative discussion, she actually shot for the entire sequence. Once the camera rolled, no one could make out that she was scared and she shot like a pro,” said Behl.