People around Rakhi Sawant behind our breakup, says ex-boyfriend

Mumbai, Nov 18 (Inditop) Abhishek Awasthi, known as Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend, is in no mood to compromise this time after their recent breakup and blames people around her for the situation.”They were doing it (instigating) all the time. People enjoy breaking up relationships, not building them,” Abhishek told Inditop.
Early this year too they broke up, but then Abhishek patched up with Rakhi at the time. However, this time he is no mood to compromise.

“In love you shouldn’t compromise beyond a point. The more you compromise the more you’re mistreated,” said Abhishek.

But he refused to say anything against his ex-girlfriend.

“She has been with me for three years, given me some golden moments that will remain with me for my lifetime. Those three years will remain precious to me.

“Yes, the last two months have been unfortunate. I was totally misunderstood. I was doing a daily soap and I had no time to attend to her calls. Anyway my first serial Tony & Deya Singh’s ‘Jugni Chali Jalandhar’ is getting a very good response.”