My son teaches me how to be an idiot: Zayed Khan

Bollywood actor Zayed Khan is enjoying fatherhood to the hilt. Apart from learning how to baby talk with his less than a year old son Zidaan, he says he is learning how to be an idiot.“Zidaan is growing up and he’s teaching me a lot more than I can teach him. Like how to be constantly animated, how to act like an idiot and how not to take yourself so seriously all the time,” Zayed told Inditop.
He added that he is gradually learning how to make funny sounds – something that he never thought he could do.

“I never thought I could speak to a baby. But yes, you grow to learn baby language and it’s nice to see a lot of similarities between him and my baby days,” he said.

Although Zayed was busy shooting for his films “Yuvvraaj” and “Blue” early this year, he took Zidaan to Bahamas with him.

“I wanted to get as much of his childhood days as was possible,” he said.