Lara Dutta writes a script for herself

Mumbai, Nov 12 (Inditop) Not happy with uninspiring roles being offered by filmmakers these days, actress Lara Dutta has now written a script for herself!”What prompted me to write a script for myself? Scriptwriters in Bollywood aren’t writing anything in depth for a woman. Invariably the scripts glorify the hero while the heroine is the love interest. And the women-oriented films are half-baked attempts at feminist statements. Both to me are uninspiring,” Lara told Inditop in an interview.

So will she take to direction as well?

“No I’m not ready to direct yet. And I can’t wait to start my film. I’ve done two drafts. And I think it needs one more draft, then I’m ready,” she said.

But, interestingly, Lara hasn’t written a woman-oriented film.

“It has equal space for the male and female protagonists. It’s not one of those feminist, in-your-face women’s films. The male lead will have a lot to contribute to my film.”

And, yes, Lara will produce the film. “We start soon. It will be a very commercial film. And I can’t wait.”

The former Miss Universe refused to reveal if Dino Morea, with whom she is linked, will play the lead in her film.

Asked when she found the time to write, Lara said: “I’ve always been a writer. I didn’t have time to write earlier. Now what I do is in-between shots, instead of chatting or sleeping, I write my script. Now I can’t write unless I’ve noise all around me.”

Lara’s mom has been critically unwell for some time now.

“My mom has been unwell for two years. So we’re mentally prepared for the inevitable. My mom went into the hospital when I was in Pollachi for ‘Billo Barber’. (But) I had to keep focussed on my work. That’s what being an actor is all about,” she said.

Lara is at her busiest now.

“It feels good to have people like Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar showing so much faith in me. My only professional regret is that I missed out on Salman Khan’s ‘Mr & Mrs Khanna’. But I can’t do everything that’s offered to me. David also offered me ‘Hook Ya Crook’. That didn’t excite me.

“But I’m doing David’s ‘Do Knot Disturb’ with Govinda. We earlier worked together in ‘Partner’ and I’ve just completed Ravi Chopra’s ‘Banda Yeh Bindas Hai’ with him. We had a ball and I’ve sharpened my comic aptitude working with Govinda.”