Is Rahul Mahajan out of ‘Bigg Boss’ house?

New Delhi, Nov 18 (Inditop) Rumours are rife that Rahul Mahajan, one of the strongest contenders on reality show “Bigg Boss”, has been asked to leave after he refused to apologise for fleeing the house with three other inmates.The rumour came to surface Tuesday morning, after Rahul jumped out of the “Bigg Boss” house along with the other existing participants – Raja Chaudhary, Zulfi Syed and Ashutosh Kaushik. It was shown on Monday’s episode.

The four men requested “Bigg Boss” organisers to send them a pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meal. When their request wasn’t met, they protested by escaping from the “Bigg Boss” house.

The prime rule of the “Bigg Boss” house is that no contestant can leave the house and the four contestants broke that rule. They protested when just six days before the grand finale where the winner will get prize money of Rs.10 million.

According to television reports, while the others apologised for breaking the rule, Rahul said that he won’t say sorry because he wasn’t guilty for what he did. As a result he was asked to leave the show.

As of now, the channel is not ready to confirm or deny the news. A spokesperson of Endemol India, the production house of the reality show, said that an official press statement would be released later in the day.

Former participant Monica Bedi, who was evicted out of the show last week, told Inditop: “I believe Rahul has been evicted, but I am not 100 percent sure as I have only heard it from the media. I have not yet been told by the production house or any reliable source.”

Monica, who shared a close relationship with Rahul on the show, conjectured that the four men might have jumped off the wall due to mental pressure and lack of food.

“Rahul had lost almost eight kilograms till I was there. It is very tough to stay there without food. So I am sure they tried to flee to get something to eat. Otherwise, Rahul is such a patient person,” she said.

It has been more than three months now since these men were locked inside the “Bigg Boss” house under 24-hour camera surveillance.