I won’t mind wearing a bikini if required: Anjana Sukhani

Mumbai, April 24 (Inditop) Anjana Sukhani says she is game for bikinis if her role really demands it. Though she has adopted a glamorous persona in films like “Golmaal Returns” and “Salaam-E-Ishq”, the actress is yet to join the bikini brigade.

“It’s not in my wish list either. However, there comes a point in your career where you get a film that requires you to shed your inhibitions. Of course, the role that I play has to be of utmost importance – if it is justified for the character to wear a bikini, then I won’t fret about it,” Anjana told IANS.

Skin show has taken a different dimension in the last few months with actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Minissha Lamba and Amisha Patel getting into the swim wear for their roles. Also with dozens of film and fashion magazines hitting the stands, actresses are making a bee line to be seen on the cover.

“I’m very sure about the fact that posing seductively for the camera doesn’t really pay. It can’t help you grab work. What eventually matters is how talented you are and whether you can deliver goods on the screen,” said the actress who had grabbed attention in the Cadbury ad with superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

But being in the glamour world where beauty sells, isn’t that a dicey statement to make?

“Of course, looking pretty is a valuable thing, but then talent matters as well”, said Anjana. “At the end of the day, it is about coming up with a balancing act. Being ‘just pretty’ or ‘just talented’ doesn’t help because one of them working just in isolation can’t take you anywhere. You have to have a good mix of both.”

“My dad has always said that you should do things that reflect the goal that you want to ultimately meet. If a small step taken by me helps me get closer to that goal, I won’t mind doing that as long as I don’t cross any limits,” she added.

In that case, how does she look back at her first few steps when she had just started her career with films like “Humdum” (2005) and “Sun Zarra” (2006)?

“I continue to be emotionally attached to these films because those earlier steps reaffirmed that I existed and paved the way for me to appear in bigger and better films. I didn’t come from a filmy family; nor did I have any supermodel experience that could help me get work. Those were testing times and everything that I decided to do, I had to do it on my own without any godfather supporting me.”

With “Jashn”, “Tum Milo toh Sahi” and “Allah Ke Banday” in the pipeline, life is certainly looking up for Anjana.

“Certainly. I am glad that these are turning out to be good times. I stand by all my decisions in the past and, regardless of whether they have succeeded or failed, I have no regrets,” she said.