I want my fans to learn from my mistakes: Miley Cyrus

New Delhi, April 24 (Inditop) Teen icon Miley Cyrus, who features in the big-screen adaptation of the hit teen sitcom “Hannah Montana”, describes it as a superhero movie for girls and says she doesn’t mind being seen as a “role model”. At the same time, she wants fans to learn from her mistakes.

“I definitely want to be a role model; I hope I am. I want people to be able to look up to me because that is part of my job and that’s what I love. I want my fans to watch me and when I make good decisions, make similar decisions and when I make mistakes, learn from them because I will too,” Miley told IANS in an e-mail interview from Los Angeles.

Distributed worldwide by Walt Disney Pictures, “Hannah Montana – The Movie” is releasing in India May 15.

“People will love the movie (‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’) because it is about a fantasy, superstar world that everyone dreams about. It lets the imagination run wild. The story is very cool and interesting. It is like a superhero story for girls,” said Miley.

“It’s about my journey and how I find out who I am. The story shows how you need to be able to take the time to realise who you are and where you’ve come from,” added Miley, who is dating 20-year-old model-singer Justin Gaston.

Just like the series, Miley lives a double life in the film as well – she plays a regular schoolgirl Miley Stewart by day leading a double life as a pop star Hannah Montana by night.

Directed by Peter Chelsom, the film shows how when her star persona begins to take over the responsibilities and commitments of her real life, her father takes her back to her small-town roots.

Despite doing the show for three seasons since 2006, making a film on the same didn’t come easy for Miley who already has a biography “Miles To Go”.

“I was scared out of my mind for half the movie. Our television show can be a little more unrealistic because it’s supposed to be crazy and fun, that’s part of a kid sitcom. But a movie is different. Making a film is like learning the ropes all over again,” she said.

The film also stars Emily Osment, Jason Earles, Mitchel Musso, Moises Arias and Billy Ray Cyrus. Having already opened in the US April 10, the 102-minute comedy has topped the American box-office.

Keeping up the spirit of musical show, Miley has also performed 12 musical numbers in the movie as a part of both her characters.

On being asked if she ever got tired of her job’s glamour quotient at her age, she said: “No matter what field or business you are in, there will always be times when you’re stressed and unhappy, but I love my job. When I get to look out into an audience and see ten thousand girls singing the words that I wrote, that means something to me. It is so rewarding and meaningful.”

Miley’s future projects include “The Last Song”, specifically written for her by noted author Nicholas Sparks.

She has said no to any more “Hannah Montana” movies and is thinking of studying photography.