German filmmaker in talks for co-production

Panaji, Nov 27 ( Europeans coming to India for enlightenment is the theme of well-known German filmmaker Roland Reber’s forthcoming Indo-European film and he is in talks with Indian producer Bobby Bedi to co-produce it.

“I have always wanted to do a film in India. This movie has an Indo-European theme. A lot of Europeans, who are impressed by India’s old culture, think they can come here and get enlightened over the weekend,” Reber told reporters.

“I have spoken to Bobby Bedi and this will be my first co-production,” he added.

The filmmaker is here to attend the retrospective of his six films shown at the ongoing 40th International Film Festival of India (IFFI). His provocative film “Angels with Dirty Wings” is making waves at the film fest.

Commenting on the response to his film, he said: “I was surprised that the authorities agreed to screen the film here. India is very restricted about showing various topics because of your censorship. But I am really surprised.

“Some of the questions which were asked by the audience after film was showed in various parts of India were very thought provoking, unlike the superficial questions which one comes across at the Cannes film festival,” Reber said.

Reber, who stayed away from political cinema, said he is working on a film based on 9/11.

“The film is about the background of 9/11. It is a handmade problem of the US. It is about the lie of 9/11,” he said.