Deepika Defends Ranbir Kapoor

Who would have expected Deepika to side with her ex flame Ranbir Kapoor when Deepika Padukone defended Ranbir Kapoor’s recent box office low run saying that Ranbir always gives his best and works with his whole heart into it. His heart is in the right place and it is in his work.

Ranbir has not had quite a hit in the box office with few of his previous films like Roy, Bashara and Bombay Velvet didn’t quite make a mark at the box office. He has the talent and the charm to mesmerize people, but apparently it does not seem to be working as of now in any of the movies he has worked in over the past year.


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Ranbir has said that he is going to prove himself again that he is committed to his work and will be back with a bang; Deepika Padukone though said that Ranbir is a very talented actor and that is proven, so he does not have to prove anything to anyone.

“Every individual goes through ups and downs. The intention is never to make a flop film… I haven’t come across anyone more passionate about films and acting. The intention is always in the right direction, his heart is in the right place,” Deepika said. “It’s just that sometime and somewhere the execution goes wrong, sometimes maybe the way the script is interpreted by a director doesn’t work, or maybe sometimes the story is not relevant at a certain point. So for various reasons, a film may not click at one point. For that, you can’t question his intention or talent. He should be given a fair chance… irrespective of anything.”

After Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Bachna Ae Hasino, the duo will be working together for the third time in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha. The movie is said to be something that the youth can connect with and there could not be better youth icons than Deepika and Ranbir to do the roles. They have always been a cracker on screen and it will be interesting and fun to see them together yet again.

During the Diwali meet and greet where the two actors met each other, they told the media persons present there that they would love to work together more often. Sadly their real life love story did not quite last long, but finally both of them are happy with their current partners, Ranbir who is dating Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone who is dating Ranveer Singh.