Aamir Khan To Begin Shoot For Dangal In Pune

Interestingly Aamir Khan is set to kick off the shooting for his film Dangal in Pune. Accordingly to his schedule he is slotted to shoot in Pune and Delhi in the wrestling stadiums here as these are the places with the best infrastructure for wrestling in India. The actor is set to start shooting in Pune now and then move on the Delhi later after a couple of months.

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After completion of his shooting in Punjab, Aamir is now set to complete the part of his shooting here in Pune at the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where he will be shooting the sequences of the movie which depicts the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games as being reported.

According to the makers of the movie, Pune and Delhi stadiums are world class wrestling stadiums and hence they could not get a better location to shoot the movie in. Since the movie is based on a wrestling theme, proper infrastructure is required to shoot the movie and make it look genuine.

Interestingly, this seems to be like a new trend in Bollywood to make movies based on wrestling with Salman Khan coming up with Sultan which is also based on wrestling and now Aamir Khan shooting Dangal. We sure hope that it does not become the cause of any conspiracy of anyone copying each other’s ideas here else things might get real ugly real soon.


Aamir Khan’s superstition shenanigans still continues as the slated release of the movie is on 23rd December 2016 and it seems like he is going to keep on with the Christmas – New Year release schedule as always which has pretty much been bringing him good luck in the way his movies have earned.

The people of Pune are going to be in for some treat sine not many movies are really shot there and now the great Superstar Aamir Khan is going to show up in town. Pune is surely going to see a lot of action in the coming days for the entire duration of Aamir’s shoot and we hope that it goes by without any hiccups on the way.

The movie Dangal will also star Sakshi Tanwar opposite Aamir as the leading female in the movie and the film is being directed by the Bhootnath Returns director Nitesh Tanwar. We hope that this movie comes out to be a good one and not a Dhoom 3 or PK repeat filled with lots of hope but later turns out to be a bit disappointing.