A Robotic Elephant Gets Priyanka Chopra’s Voice

It is quite common for a star to lend their voices for some comic characters on screen which sounds really cool, but imagine someone lending their voice to a real life robot? Well, Priyanka Chopra, the elite Bollywood actress and the lead star of the new ABC’s drama Quantico has lent her voice to a real life robotic elephant. The name of the elephant is Ellie and it should be interesting to see how a robot with Priyanka Chopra’s voice sounds like.


The robotic elephant Ellie is PETA’s new campaign which is going to be touring the entire USA, Europe and India visiting schools and talking to children about elephants. PETA feels that children having some natural soft corner for animals, they can appeal to their innocence and get them young in the effort of saving animals (here elephants) who are harassed and tortured by humans for personal gain.

The idea here is with Priyanka’s voice, Ellie is going to talk to the students about her child life where she was taken away from her mother when small and all the torture she endured at the hands of her captives who made her work in the circus and also to carry heavy loads for them and eventually give a message as to how animals belong to the wild and that is where they should belong and not as captives to the humans.

Ellie has already ‘spoken’ to over 3000 students across USA where she has appealed to many children till date. On this story, Priyanka Chopra said, “Ellie is teaching kids that elephants belong in the wild with their families, and that they suffer greatly in captivity, in which they’re kept chained, forced to learn tricks, and deprived of all the things that make them happy, like family and freedom. I’m pleased to join with PETA in bringing Ellie to life for children everywhere,” she added.

According to Priyanka, elephants are “magnificent creatures that desperately need our help and protection.” PETA who are working for the betterment of wild animals over the past many years and have been influential in the protection of many animals from facing the like of near extinction has now pledged for the protection of elephants that face a lot of atrocities from humans who capture them for their use in the circuses and other captive forms. We too feel that it is a noble cause and we wish them all the best with it.