Namrata Shirodkar turns down film for son’s sake

Mumbai, Sep 19  Namrata Shirodkar, best remembered for her performance as a streetwalker in “Vaastav”, turned down a film offer from co-star Sanjay Dutt because her two-year-old son Gautam constantly demands her attention.

“Sanju is a dear friend and he sent me an offer through Rikkuji (Rakesh Nath, who looked after Namrata and her sister Shilpa’s work) for a T-Series film. I was tempted. But then I looked at my son, and that moment was over,” Namrata told IANS.

“Really, at this moment I want nothing more than to look after him. And he’s quite a handful. On some days I just want to sit under a shooting umbrella in a sunny outdoor location all over again. But then nothing gives me more happiness than Gautam,” added the actress.

Namrata bid adieu to Bollywood after tying the knot with Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu in 2005. She is happy being a wife and a mother.

“I don’t want to say it myself. But Gautam is a very good-looking boy. He has my eyes and Mahesh’s smile.”

Namrata has now started taking an interest in her husband’s career.

“I recently supervised his clothes for a film and enjoyed the diversion. Whenever his movies need an artiste from Mumbai, I tap my old contacts, like recently I contacted Malaika Arora for a song in Mahesh’s film.”

Recently her mother passed away and that left a wound within Namrata.

“But it’s okay. I’m done with the grieving. She didn’t have to suffer much. The only lingering sorrow is that my sister Shilpa couldn’t be down from London when our mom was gone.

“Shilpa’s passport had been taken away because she has applied for British citizenship. My sister was much closer to mom. Mom accompanied my sister to all her shootings. I made my way on my own.”

Now Namrata is planning a trip to London to share her sister’s sorrow. “The only problem is will Gautam be able to take the long flight?”

For now, Mahesh Babu is taking time off from his hectic shooting schedules to take his wife and son on a holiday to Singapore before he leaves for a 40-day-outdoor in Rajasthan.

Does Namrata miss Mumbai?

“I don’t miss the city. I miss my friends. Most of my closest friends have come to visit me in Hyderabad. So I feel I’m always linked with Mumbai.”