Naeem Khan makes his Indian debut with LFW

Mumbai, March 23 (IANS) Showcasing a spectacular collection that left the audience highly impressed, international designer Naeem Khan made his debut in India Saturday through Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Summer-Resort.

The designer was ecstatic about being in India.
“I am so happy to be here. This is like the highlight of my year,” he said.
Khan also added that India has a huge market and he was testing the reaction of people through this show.
“I look at India as a huge market. I am testing the waters through this show. I really want to be here,” he said.
The collection included dresses with detailing on neck and sleeves, long gowns, smart pants and skirts in colours like black, red and multi-coloured patterns. The highlight of the evening was the “ball gown sari” which he has specifically designed for the occasion and Indian audience.
“This ball gown sari has been specially designed for India. It is one piece of fabric without any stitches and just needs to be draped,” he said.
Talking about the textiles and the fabrics used, the designer said: “I have taken the textiles from the Ottoman empire. The colours which I have used are timeless and fabrics can be worn all year round.”
The garments were heavily embroidered.
“All embroidering has been done in India. It is my family business. I want to keep this art alive. I hope this art does not die,” he said.
The designer also revealed that he was anxious as this was his first show in India.
“I was anxious. I didn’t know what to show in India. I was anxious not because I felt that my collection was not good, but because it meant a lot to me to be in India,” he said.
Khan has dressed many renowned celebrities like US First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Eva Longoria. He has also dressed actress Freida Pinto and Sonam Kapoor.
“I don’t have a list of people who I want to dress here. But of course I want to dress the movie stars. I want to continue dressing Freida Pinto and Sonam,” he said.
Even though Freida was present for the show, she didn’t walk the ramp.
“She didn’t walk the ramp. This was deliberately done. We are in the business of making and selling clothes, not theatre. The clothes make drama. It has nothing to do with stars,” he said.