Oye Lucky Music Review…Yup it is Providing entertaining Punjabi music

Film: “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!”; Music Director: Sneha Khanwalkar; Singers: Himani Kapoor, Dilbahar, Rajbir, Mika, Des Raj Lachkani, Brijesh Shandilya; Rating: ***Sneha Khanwalkar has composed numbers that are heavily influenced by Punjabi music and beats for this interestingly titled film. The album has varied singers and lyricists, some of whom put forth a good performance despite it being their first big break.

“Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!”, sung by Mika, is a wholesome Punjabi number that spells a whole lot of fun. Penned by director Dibakar Banerjee, Manu Rishi and Kanu Behl, the title track will surely become a chartbuster.

Next is “Jugni”. Like the title of this track suggests, “Jugni” is laced with Punjabi flavour and is a catchy song. Des Raj Lachkani and party render this piece with great energy. The song, like its predecessor, will certainly appeal to the masses.

“Tu Raja ki raj dulari” is a song that has a folk touch to it. While Rajbir has sung the number, Mange Ram has written the lyrics and the composer has used westernised arrangements to make it more appealing.

“Superchor” is a funny song. Singer Dilbahar’s rendition and Dibakar Banerjee and Amitosh Nagpal’s hilarious lyrics will amuse and entertain listeners.

A whole lot of drama and loud singing define “Hooriyan”. Revolving round the theme of marriage, it has been crooned by Himani Kapoor and Brijesh Shandilya. Though an average piece, it would fit in well in the course of the movie.

“Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!”, like most comedies, belts out music that sticks to its theme. The Punjabi coating of most of the songs offers a delightful experience. While not all the songs will turn out to be instant chartbusters, there are a few that will not only be fun to hear but hopefully be complimented with good visuals as well.