‘MTV Webbed 2’ extended, Kritika Kamra delighted

Mumbai, Aug 7 (IANS) Actress Kritika Kamra, host of “MTV Webbed 2”, about the prevalence of cyber abuse, is content with the “amazing response” to the show, which has got an extension. She hopes to spread more awareness amongst youth.

Talking about her experience, Kritika told IANS: “‘MTV Webbed 2’ has been a refreshing experience and a huge success, the success means massive awareness for the youth.”
“It was both touching and eye-opening to hear the stories of cyber-abuse. We all use the internet and enrich our time, but at times the internet can be a very bad place with cyber attackers lurking everywhere.”
After the success of the show’s first season, the second season was brought on air within three months. No, due to the popular demand, season two has been extended from 16 episodes to 24 episodes.
“All in all with the amazing response from our youthful viewers and the extension to air more episodes, I’m very delighted and happy that a show which truly showcases a real-world problem is being well received by our viewers,” said Kritika, who was only brought on board for the second season.
As the narrator, she informs viewers about real life cases of cyber abuse and precautionary measures to be taken.
She hopes “people are more aware of cyber abuse and attacks” and that they “surf smart and stay safe”.