If the trailer scared the audiences so much, imagine what the film will do!!”

Mohit Suri, the director of Vishesh Films’ new horror flick, Raaz – The Mystery Continues (RTMC), is a relieved man. People have loved the first trailer of RTMC which was screened with Fashion and Golmaal Returns. He says “Obviously all of us were anxious to about the first look of RTMC. However, when we saw it for the first time ourselves in the preview theatre, we knew we had cracked it!!” Presented by Vishesh Films & SONY BMG, RTMC is going to hit the screens on 23rd January 2009. The film stars Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman.

On making of the trailer, Mohit says. “All of us had an idea of what the trailer would do, and to achieve it the look and feel of the trailer that was discussed and worked over a lot…I think this is the longest time to crack the first trailer in the history of Vishesh which is close to 40 films old!!”

Raaz -The Mystery Continues was always one of the most awaited films of the year. Add to that the brand “Raaz” which still stands strong as the only Musical Supernatural Blockbuster of the decade. The first trailer has increased the expectations even further.

“Both Mr. Mahesh Bhatt & Mukesh Bhatt were exhilarated by the trailer, and were confident it would do wonders, but the response has been over-whelming and surpassed all our expectations. Ours and SONY BMG phones haven’t stopped ringing once people saw the trailer. The film trade guys and the distributors have been calling us non-stop!”

When questioned on his apparent fight with Mahesh Bhatt on how the trailer, he smiles and says, “It wasn’t a fight, though there was a lot of heat…being creative people we do have very strong point of views on how it should be…Bhattsaab wanted a trailer with dialogues whereas I thought we should just focus on strong visuals and musical score…”

The weight of the legacy can be judged by the fact that it took Mohit 6 months just to convince Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt to let him make RTMC. “Its quite obvious, something which I was expecting…looking at the success of Raaz not only as a film but in every aspect…can you believe people still remember the music 6 years after it was released!!”

Mohit who is neck deep now days in the post production of RTMC ends by saying, “The response to the trailer made me really happy for a moment, and now the realization of people’s giant expectations from the movie has just set in…so here I am, making sure the film scares them as much as the trailer did!”