Making Tammannah’look at par with Sridevi wasn’t focus: Rick Roy

New Delhi, March 24 (IANS) Rick Roy, who has designed actress Tammannah’s looks in forthcoming film “Himmatwala”, says he never focused on making her look at par with Sridevi, who played the lead in the original 1983 film.

Roy has styled actresses like Malaika Arora Khan and Chitrangada Singh in the past and says Sridevi is an iconic actress and he never tried to compete with her looks in the remake.
“I never thought I needed to bring it at par. Sridevi’s clothes in the original film were very cool for that time and I loved it. I never thought I needed to match up,” Roy told IANS.
“It’s a different film altogether… Sridevi is an iconic actress and there is no point trying to recreate or match up to her. My only focus was to make Tammannah look fantastic,” Roy said.
The hit song “Naino mein sapna” has been taken from the original movie and Roy kept the original flavour of the song without making big changes.
“‘Naino me sapna’ is a classic when it comes to the looks. Sajid wanted to keep it’s flavour and keep the clothes very similar but with a touch of now so that’s what we did,” Roy, 30, said.
“When you see the song you know the clothes are more or less the same but with a touch of now,” he said.
The designer used a lot of bright colours and chunky jewellery for Tammannah’s looks, which came as a result of thorough research with director Sajid Khan.
“The 1980’s was a bright era. Sajid made me see some 20 movies before my first meeting and the one thing that was constant throughout those movies was the big, chunky blocks or bright colour in the clothes. I was very sure I wanted to use it. I wanted it (the look) bright and colourful not dark and dingy,” he said.
The biggest challenge for Roy was to strike balance and let the clothes be loud only when the scene required them to.
“The biggest challenge was to figure out a balance of the looks. I wanted it to be cool and fun without being caricaturish. The 1980s was a very loud era. I wanted to make sure the clothes don’t distract the audience but fit right with the character and the narration of the film,” he said.
The designer is all in praise of the actress and says: “Tammannah is very professional and listens to everything you say. She is not fussy about anything and very easy to work with.”
“‘Naino me sapna’ song had some 100 accessories on her and I told her to be careful. (While shooting) if anything even moved from its place she would fix it herself, even before my assistants could reach. It was great fun dressing her up,” Roy said.
“Himmatwala” has Ajay Devgn in lead and is set to release March 29.