Indian music complex: Israeli DJ

Pune, Dec 28 (IANS) Israeli electronic music producer and DJ Borgore says Indian music is hard to understand, but he wants to team up with the country’s artists.

“I think India is a big market along with South America like Brazil and it would be really cool to do collaboration with some big singer from India or Brazil. I guess it is the next big thing,” the musician told IANS in a group interview, on the sidelines of recently concluded Enchanted Valley Carnival held in Lonavala, Maharashtra.
“I studied Indian music a little, I don’t know whether it was pop-Indian music or old-school music, but the one thing that I know is that Indian music is super complex,” he added.
Emphasising the potential India holds for international musicians, Borgore, whose real name is Asaf Yoseph Borger, said: “India is a big opportunity for musicians, especially if we take demographics into account. If you become big in India, then it is the biggest in most of the world, as you will have more fans in India than in the entire world.”
Borgore, known for his bold lyrics like his hit track “Nympho”, which focuses on sex and calls a girl ‘sex-crazy’, doesn’t have Israeli influence in his music.
“I don’t have Israeli influence on my music. With the lyrics, I am just having fun and it’s in good humour. People take life too seriously and need to calm down,” Borgore said.
He added that he belongs to a women-oriented family and insists that his brashness in the songs should not be confused with lack of respect.
“I come from a women-driven family. The songs are just for laugh and even my family also laughs about the same. I think there is nothing wrong with sex and if I was singing of doing heroin, then my mother would be pissed,” Borgore said.
Interestingly, Borgore feels that piracy is a blessing in disguise.
“I don’t plan to fight against piracy. If people are pirating my music, it is flattering to me as I am happy that they are doing everything to listen to me.
“A lot of people, who are pirating my music, are eventually coming to my events to see me so I’m thankful to it,” he said.