India is limited for fun learning: Pratichee Mohapatra

New Delhi, Jan 29 (IANS) Singer Pratichee Mohapatra, also a member of Chikaraks – a rock band for children, says India doesn’t have many options for fun learning and engagement activities for the little ones.

She points out that Hindi films leave an impact on everyone including children, and that may not necessarily be good for them.
“Bollywood inspires everyone, including kids. India is limited for fun learning and engagement activities for kids. For the remaining time, television tends to dominate,” the singer told IANS.
“Kids are exposed to content that is violent, culturally irrelevant and often borderline immoral and most of the Bollywood songs have bold lyrics and dance steps. We are teaching children to objectify at a very early age,” she said.
“Children grasp very fast… What they see or experience without knowing its meaning. So, it’s our duty as a parent or as a mentor to provide age-appropriate content, which instils important life and moral values while aiding in the overall development of kids,” she added.
So, Pratichee is inviting “all parents with kids under the age of 7” to attend the Chikaraks’s show on February 6 and February 7 in Mumbai. She promises it will be “an experience they’ll never forget”.
“Chikaraks is all about music and we care for the well-being and overall development of kids. I think today, kids are not exposed to the right kind of music. We offer a multitude of edutainment opportunities with the best nursery rhymes for kids to sing and dance.”
“During our concert, we will aim to to educate, aide development, impart values, spread social awareness and safety consciousness and lots more through our music,” said the member of the band, which was founded in 2013.
Its other members are Manav Dhanda, Chin2 Bhosle and Fiona D’Souza.
Pratichee said, “We educate through music, as music is also the first form of education for a child, and it aids development of vision, balance, hearing, speech, behaviour, sensation, skill, movement and emotion.”
Does she think children should be educated through music?
“Yes, I think music is the best way to communicate and help children’s development. Kids love it and at the same time they learn from it,” she said.
Apart from educating children through music, the former member of girl group Viva is ready with her new single “Teri tamanna”.
“I have already shot the video. It’s in its editing phase and should be out soon on my YouTube channel,” Pratichee said.
What about acting in movies?
“I have always been open to trying new things. If an interesting role, which suits me, comes up, I will definitely give it a shot. But having said that, music is my first love and priority,” said the sister of “Ambarsariya” hitmaker Sona Mohapatra.