Happy to graduate from villain to hero: Soundaraja

Chennai, March 22 (IANS) He made his debut as one of the villains in Tamil action-drama “Sundarapandian”, and then went on to play supporting and character roles in subsequent films. Now, Tamil actor Soundaraja is jubilant about playing the lead in upcoming action-thriller “I-NA”.

“My happiness knew no bounds when I was informed that I will essay a lead role in the film. I thought about all the struggles that I had to undergo to see this day. The story of “I-NA” takes place in 7 countries and I play the role of an Indian police officer,” Soundaraja told IANS.
“In my heart, I uttered a silent prayer to all the actors who began their careers as villains and went on to rule the box office in lead roles. I’m happy that I have got a big break. I have also got a few offers to star in realistic films. I love and respect films and I hope it continues to nurture me,” he added.
Soundaraja plays one of the heroes in “I-NA”, which will be directed by Ravindar Chandrasekhar. Libra Productions will produce the film.
He said that even after a successful debut, he struggled to find a place in the industry.
“It took me six years to get the offer to star as a villain in ‘Sundarapandian’. I was very happy that my performance was well appreciated, but that didn’t bring any new offers. I had to resume my trips to film production companies, which resulted in minor roles in several films,” he said.
He also starred in Tamil films such as “Nalanum Nandineeyum” and “Velmurugan Borewells”.
How did you land a lead role?
“While I was working in ‘Nalanum Nandineeyum’, I got acquainted with Ravindar Chandrasekhar. He saw my hard work, acting skill and dedication and gave me the biggest surprise of my life. He told me that he is already involved in making five new films and wants to launch a sixth one with me in the lead role,” said Soundaraja.
He will start shooting for Tamil romantic-drama “Velaiyunnu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran” soon.