For Valentine’s Day, love skin, hair first

New Delhi, Jan 30 (IANS) With just two weeks to go, start indulging in proper skin and hair care to look your best on Valentine’s Day Feb 14.

Mohan Thomas, cosmetic surgeon and managing director of Cosmetic Surgery Institute, shares skin care tips that you should start following to look radiant on Valentine’s Day:
The brunt of the activity is taken up by your feet when you work, so make sure your skin care includes pampering of feet too.
Moisturise: Keeping the feet moisturised is the best way to get smooth feet. In the evening, dip your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub off dead skin from the heels, wash and dry them with a towel. Apply good amount of foot cream, and wear socks before going to bed.
Visit a pedicurist: Get a relaxing pedicure done every week. Use antifungal creams if you have fungal infection. You can also go for nail art to match your dress for the occasion.
Full body: Start getting full body treatments including skin bleach to remove tan, sauna to remove toxins and exfoliation to remove dead skin. Every day, after shower, remember to apply a good body lotion to your skin to keep it nourished.
Hair and scalp: Use hair massages for scalp and hair, keep the oil overnight and then either visit a hair spa or wash with good shampoo with conditioner at home. Repeat the process every week to keep hair nourished, shiny and damage free.