Kangana To Play An Old Woman’s Role?

Bollywood’s one of the top rated actress Kangana Ranaut has apparently been approached to play the role of an 85 year old woman by Shekhar Kapur who is going to be making the movie. The Queen actress known for her all round performance in all her movies and being one of the most versatile actresses in the industry and known for her acting and nothing else is surely been looked upon as one of the future faces of the industry.


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During the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival the actress gave the statement that she has been offered the role to play an 85 year old woman who is the mother in the movie. The discussion about it is still in talks and no final decision has still been made which means there is a possibility that the actress might not take up the role as a whole.

The bigger question here is whether the role is for the movie ‘Paani’ which is touted as Shekhar Kapur’s one of the most ambitious projects ever. Kangana is a woman of many talents and if you ask us, we have complete confidence that she can pull off the role very nicely if she opts to go for it. After all there is seldom anything that Kangana cannot right.

The actress who attended the “Woman in Films” Session at the Film Festival said, “There is a pressure from the film industry and the society that an actress should look of certain age all the time. We as women should accept ourselves the way we are. We actresses should stand for ourselves.”

She did have a point there for a woman like Kangana who is so versatile and can handle any role thrown at her, be is of a gangster’s girlfriend, or a happy go lucky girl who falls in love or someone who goes on a honeymoon all alone; Kangana is a total acting all-rounder for sure and we are definitely excited to see her in the role of an old woman for the first time ever. After all no actress really goes in for such roles at the peak of her acting career when they know they can get all the roles in the world in romantic or action movies.