I’m getting good offers post ‘Bigg Boss’: Zulfi Syed

New Delhi, Nov 26 (Inditop) He might not have won season two of “Bigg Boss”, but model-turned-actor Zulfi Syed says he has been noticed by filmmakers after the reality TV show and is now getting good offers.
“Post-‘Bigg Boss’ I have got some very good offers. I’m going through some good scripts. Though I cannot divulge any details as of now, I will soon make a decision,” Zulfi told Inditop over telephone from Mumbai.But he denies that he accepted the show to get publicity.

“I wanted to be a part of show not only for money and popularity but because I wanted to see whether I’ll be able to live without any communication from the outside world for days together. I wanted to experience something like this,” said Zulfi, who was the most shy among other housemates.

Zulfi started off as a model and did commercials for Raymond’s, Warehouse and Levis among others. He also featured in various music videos and then made his Bollywood debut with “Pyaasa”, which flopped. It was followed by forgettable films like “Taj Mahal”, “Chupke Se”, “Mr Hot and Mr Kool” and more recently “Deshdrohi”.

“I do not regret doing the kind of films I have done. I’m not from a filmy background so I can’t expect that I’ll get a good film every day,” Zulfi said.

Now the actor says he is looking forward to a better career in films.

Does he feel bad on not winning “Bigg Boss”?

“No, I’m not feeling bad at all on not being declared the winner because winning and losing is not the only thing. I came out with my dignity and that’s more important to me.

“You have to stick to your character and your morals and I did just that. So I don’t have any complaints or regrets,” said Zulfi, who really wanted close friend and “Bigg Boss” co-participant Debojit Saha to win.

During the show, housemates and viewers often compared Zulfi’s quiet demeanour to “Bigg Boss” season one winner Rahul Roy’s personality.

“I don’t know why people compared me with Rahul Roy. Why would I follow him? The way I was inside the house is the real me. This is the way I am. This is my character. I did not put a mask. I don’t like to shout and fight. In fact, I used to get irritated when people used to show this kind of behaviour,” he said.

About his experience in the house, Zulfi added: “I did not dislike anyone. I was not very close to people but I was comfortable with everyone. In fact, I feel others might not have been comfortable with me since I never used to talk to them so much because that’s how I am.”