Divya Dutta may call book on mother ‘Me and Maa’

New Delhi, Feb 1 (IANS) Actress Divya Dutta is planning to pen a book based on the moments spent with her mother, who died earlier this month. She plans to title it “Me and Maa”.

The “Delhi 6” actress, who lost her mother on January 10, says she wants the world to know about the “precious moments” that she shared with her mother Nalini, who was a doctor by profession.
“I am planning to write a book on my mother. I think it will be called ‘Me and Maa’… Whoever knew me and my mother, knew we bonded like nobody else. She wasn’t just a mother to me she was my best friend. I want to share this with the world,” Divya told IANS over phone from Mumbai.
The 38-year-old actress said the book will be out this year.
“I am not in the mental condition to start it, but I think I will start it immediately and the book will be out this year,” said the “Chalk N Duster” actress.
What urged her to pen such a book?
Divya said: “It is very strange. I was sitting right next to her when she wasn’t well in the hospital, and the thought just came to me. The book will have everything… It will make you smile, laugh and cry. But it will be relatable and I want to share it with the world.”
The actress had lost her father when she was all of seven.
Asked if the book will also have chapters on him, Divya said: “Of course! My father was an integral part. I was very close to him. But after I lost my father, my mother had been the rock in my life… She taught me how to look into my dreams and follow them, and stood by me in everything.”