Didn’t get much appreciation from Bollywood: Assamese singer

Guwahati, Jan 30 (IANS) Assamese singer Anaya Brahma forayed into Bollywood with the 2012 track “DJ play that song”, but she says she never got the kind of appreciation that she expected from the Hindi industry. Nevertheless, she is trying her best to etch her name in the thriving industry.

Samir Karnik’s film “Chaar Din Ki Chandni” served as a launchpad for Anaya, who later acted in a Bollywood movie “THIS WEEKEND”. Despite the projects, she is still struggling in Hindi filmdom.
“I didn’t get much appreciation from Bollywood… I did playback singing in ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’, but that didn’t click. I am still trying my luck. It’s a journey and irrespective of my experience so far, I am happy,” Anaya told IANS here at the ongoing Rongali — Destination, Culture, Harmony — a festival of Assam.
Did the artiste, who hails from Guwahati, ever face discrimination in the industry?
“No. People in Bollywood know about Assam because a lot of musicians are from the state. Not just the singers like Papon, but also guitarists. Whenever I say ‘I am from Assam’, they get happy as they know that there are a lot of melodious people in Assam. In fact, their expectations go up.
“So that way, I haven’t faced discrimination in Bollywood,” said the trained singer.
As an artiste, she also does her bit to promote her region.
“A lot of people in India still don’t know about the northeast. Some of my friends in Mumbai asked me if Guwahati is in India or not. So, festivals like Rongali are a good initiative to make people aware. Such fests encourage people to visit the region.
“I also make sure to sing Bihu songs even if I perform in cities that are not part of northeast. That way, people get to know a little bit about Assamese folk songs and culture,” said Anaya, a regular performer at northeast fests that have been held in the capital and Mumbai.
Anaya has also unveiled a new Assamese song “Awara Romeo”, which she performed during the three-day fest on Friday here.
She will be releasing another track soon.
“I will be releasing a Bodo folk song soon. I have recreated an old folk song. There are two Hindi singles lined up for release as well,” said the singer, who has a distinct way of dressing and gives importance to fashion too.
“My fans like the way I dress up and see me as a style icon. I am a performer, so I need to look good as well,” said Anaya.
(The writer’s visit is on an invitation by the festival’s organisers. Natalia Ningthoujam can be contacted at [email protected])