Coldplay manager wants to bring band back to India soon

Mumbai, Feb 2 (IANS) Coldplay’s latest single “Hymn for the weekend” bagged the No.1 spot on iTunes India, and the British rock band’s manager — thanking their Indian fans for making it possible — said he’s on a mission “to bring Coldplay back to India soon”.

The song’s video showcased myriad hues of Indian culture with both Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and international pop icon Beyonce Knowles featuring wearing creations by Indian designers.
Expressing joy at the iTunes feat, Coldplay manager Phil Harvey took to Twitter to thank India and the residents of Worli locality in the city.
In a series of posts, Harvey tweeted: “I see ‘Hymn for the weekend’ is at No.1 on iTunes India – unbelievable! Thank you to the people of India for making us feel so welcome… and especially the residents of Worli Village, Mumbai for making our video possible. We had so much fun.
“Thank you Beyonce and Sonam Kapoor for gracing the video with your angelic beauty. My new mission: bring Coldplay back to India asap. PH.”
“Hymn for the weekend” is a track from Coldplay’s latest album “A Head Full of Dreams” and it shows Chris Martin experiencing the diverse culture of India in many forms. He is even seen getting drenched in colours during the Holi festival, visiting old film theatres and meeting sadhus (holy men).
On the other hand, Beyoncé features as a regal goddess in a Bollywood film in the track, while Sonam features in a brief yet noticeable appearance.
Martin says that when the band was making the song, the concept was about “an angel someone coming into your life and making you feel great”.
“Then I asked the rest of the band if we could ask Beyoncé if she would make it and they all said okay. Then it took quite a while to take up the courage. I just asked her we have this song about an angel and then she said ‘Ya’, and I said ‘Great’! She came around and did it,” Martin said in a statement.