‘Bloody Indian’ out of ‘Hawaizaada’

Mumbai, Jan 30 (IANS) The censor board asked for the word “bloody” to be removed from a popularly used dialogue “bloody Indian” in Vibhu Puri’s period film “Hawaizaada”, which is set in colonial India. It has been replaced by “crazy”.

Puri said: “I had no choice but to replace the word ‘bloody’ in ‘bloody Indian’ with ‘crazy’. I’m aware that the Britishers in our films have been shown to use the term ‘bloody Indian’ in numerous films.
“But if I had insisted, I’d have got a ‘U/A’ certificate instead of ‘U’. So I preferred to change the supposedly offensive word as it made no difference to my narrative.”
Puri was also asked to remove and replace a word prefixing a holy book in the soundtrack.
On that, he said: “Since it’s a religious matter, this cut made more sense to me. But the other cut does seem a bit…errr, crazy. However I’ve no complaints. I am happy that the censor board didn’t cut a single shot in my film.”
“Hawaizaada”, starring Ayushmann Khurrana, released Friday.