Blindly surrendered to Vetrimaaran for ‘Visaaranai’: Dinesh

Chennai, Feb 3 (IANS) Actor Dinesh credits National Award winning filmmaker Vetrimaaran for his awe-inspiring performance in forthcoming Tamil thriller “Visaaranai”. He says he blindly surrendered to the “Pollathavan” director.

“I may have not done this film had it been made by someone else. When Vetri sir approached me with the offer, he insisted that I listen to the script, but I didn’t and was ready to work with him,” Dinesh told IANS.
In the film, Dinesh along with his friends gets booked on the basis of doubt and is forced to admit to a crime he never commits.
Inspired from real events, the film is based on a Tamil novel called “Lock Up”, and deals with police brutality and abuse of power.
“My performance is being talked about a lot and the only person who deserves credit for it is Vetri sir. I blindly surrendered to him. He would say, ‘Dinesh, I need your eyes to look tired. I’d sleep only for two to three hours the next few days to look tired,” he said.
Vetrimaaran’s dedication is infectious, says Dinesh.
“Working with him was so rewarding. He’s so dedicated that you feel ashamed if you cana¿t deliver more than what’s expected from you. Watching him work so hard, day in and day out, you want to push yourself, too,” he said.
During the course of the shoot, Dinesh recalls, he injured himself several times.
“In the interrogation scenes, my skin tore open quite a few times. Though props were used for these scenes, some injuries were out of our control. I insisted that we continue shooting, because I didn’t want the continuity to break. Otherwise, we would have to re-shoot a particular scene,” he added.
The film, which is jointly produced by Vetrimaaran and Dhanush, releases in cinemas on Friday.