Big banner debut would’ve been phenomenal: Siddhant Behl

Mumbai, Jan 23 (IANS) Actor Siddhant Behl, who forayed into Bollywood with “Jugni”, says a big banner debut would have been remarkable but he wasn’t “stuck on one”.

“Jugni”, which released on Friday, depicts firefly, which is the beat of the soul, the free-flying spirit.
Wasn’t he expecting a big banner movie for his launch in the industry?
“While a big banner debut would have been phenomenal, I wasn’t stuck on one. I always hoped that my debut film would be the one that will leave a smile on the faces of people who watch it. I’m sure the simplicity of ‘Jugni’ will do that, and that for me, will be a memory that I will cherish forever,” he told IANS.
Siddhant says he was nervous and excited doing his debut film, which also features Sugandha Garg.
He said: “It’s my first film; needless to say I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. However, my aim was to be honest to the character.”
He is happy to see that big and small films “happily co-exist in our industry today”. “It’s amazing not just for audiences, but also for actors who today have the opportunity to do such diverse roles. I feel the line is getting blurred as there are so many talented writers and directors from different backgrounds making beautiful cinema,” he added.