Awadhi culture represents unexplored heritage: Meera Ali

New Delhi, July 24 (IANS) Meera Ali, known for showcasing collections with a strong influence of the culture of Awadh, did no different at the India Bridal Fashion Week here.

The designer feels that Awadh, with a strong 100-year tradition of exotic clothing can offer a designer space to create something different each time.
The designer showcased her latest bridal line titled “Pearl of the Orient” under her label, House of Kotwara, a joint venture with husband and filmmaker Muzaffar Ali.
“We believe that whatever collection we present and design, it should be deep-rooted. The inspiration should come from the roots. So for us, Awadh is the place that surprises us with different things every time. No matter how much we explore, it doesn’t get depleted,” Meera told IANS.
“There is so much to explore in the rich dynasty of Awadh. There were 100 years of rule of nawaabs, who excelled in exotic clothing. So going through crafts that exist there, one can create different experiences every time,” she said.
The collection comprised exotic bridal wear gently textured with pearls on oriental forms. From lehengas and shararas to saris and choghas, the clothing on display depicted, in microcosm, the glory of Awadh.
The designer has used chiffons that blended well with velvets and brocades.
The clothes were also embellished with zardozi and chikan techniques that added elegance to the entire range. The palate ranged from soft pastels to vibrant hues.
Sharing the uniqueness of this collection, Meera told IANS: “This time, we are focusing on lot of pearl and this is the first time that we have used pearls on our bridal line. All the clothes have pearls.”
The pearls contributed a unique subtley to this range of clothing, enhancing the elegance of the Indian bride.