Aditya Bal to explore Indian cuisine on TV show

New Delhi, Jan 29 (IANS) With the aim to explore the authentic taste of Indian food, model-actor and chef Aditya Bal will take viewers through a food discovery journey with a new TV show “Lost Recipes”.

To be aired on Epic channel starting Feb 4, the show promises to take viewers back in time to find the original taste of the dishes.
Aditya, who has been part of shows like “Chakh le India!”, says his passion for cooking has increased after the association with the show.
“Working on something like ‘Lost Recipes’ was truly a revelation and fuelled my existing passion for food. As a chef, I constantly have to innovate on existing recipes. But understanding the origins of the recipes of a world gone by, I cannot help but marvel at the variety, technique and purity of taste,” Aditya said.
Recalling the dishes he encountered through the show, Aditya felt people used to appreciate food more in the past.
“Food had a purpose in the past. Historically, people couldn’t afford to be callous with food preparations as this was their only mode of staying healthy and strong. We are spoilt with choice today and have very little appreciation of where our food comes from. The lost recipes that I have encountered on this ongoing journey with the show are nothing short of wonders,” he added.
He will be seen travelling extensively around the country to places like Goa, Udvada, Lucknow and Mumbai in search for the story behind the dish.
“The show offers viewers an unseen experience on television that goes beyond citing ingredients to a recipe. We’re confident that viewers will love travelling across India and the past with ‘Lost Recipes’,” Mahesh Samat, founder and managing director, The Epic Television Networks, said in a statement.
In the show, the dishes will be cooked under the same circumstances with the same process.