A song in ‘coded’ language for ‘Shortcut Safari’

Mumbai, Feb 4 (IANS) Composer Rohit Sharma, popular for his work in “Ship of Theseus”, has created a new “coded language” for the title track of children’s film “Shortcut Safari”, which is directed by Amitabha Singh.

He has also lent his voice to the song “Bako sufu, bako sufu”.
“I really wanted to keep the sound very basic close to roots and earthy. A child’s life is very simple so the sound of this track had to be kept at basics. Amitabha did not want a song; he wanted music. So I came up with this idea of a coded language. The next thing was to really pen the language to fit the music track,” Rohit said in a statement.
“Amitabha encouraged me to sing it also because he felt that since I created this new language, I would be able to sing it well,” he said.
Along with the coded language the track intersperses urban noises such as a phone’s ring, doorbells, sound of shower and other ambient sounds.
The visual for this track is an animated piece which also supports the story line of the film, where a child wakes up to her daily chores, getting ready for a trip. She has a constant companion with her which is a baby leopard.
Talking about the inspiration behind the language, he said: “I got this idea of a muffled up language from the early morning squabbles between my wife and kid. I would listen to it half asleep and it would appear like some sort of an animated gibberish to me.”
“The daily tug of war between my wife who would try waking up our kid and the child’s resistance to wake up really is the basis of this language,” he added.
The film stars Jimmy Sheirgill.