Physicist donates Rs.25 lakh to Presidency University

Kolkata, March 18 (IANS) Theoretical physicist and member of the Presidency Mentor Group (PMG) Ashoke Sen has donated Rs.25 lakh to the Presidency University Vice Chancellor’s Fund for excellence.

“I am delighted. Universities of the world seek contributions from their alumni and his contribution is hugely appreciated,” PMG chairperson Sugata Bose told IANS Monday.
Sen, also an alumnus of the erstwhile Presidency University, is a recipient of the Fundamental Physics Prize, 2012, for his work on string theory.
Bose said so far Rs.70 lakh have been raised through private sources.
The Presidency University Mentor Group, which has Nobel laureate Amartya Sen as advisor, has recommended the creation of a faculty capable of cutting-edge research to make the institution a centre of excellence.
The group was formed by West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee-led government. It was upgraded from a college to university in 2011 by the erstwhile Left Front regime.