Probe ordered into Madhya Pradesh jailbreak

Bhopal, Nov 20 ( The Madhya Pradesh police Friday ordered an inquiry into the circumstances that led to three prisoners of Central Jail escaping from police custody, an official said.

The prisoners escaped in Bollywood style from the heavily guarded police vehicle Thursday evening when they were being taken back to the prison after a court hearing in the state capital.

“The daredevil escape of prisoners from the vehicle shocked the cops as there has never been such Bollywood-style escape in the capital in the past,” the official said.

“While some of the prisoners were trying to break open the window, the others stood to block the vision of policemen sitting in the front cabin of the vehicle,” the official added.

However, when they started jumping out of the vehicle one after the other, a passerby told the driver who in turn raised the alarm. Subsequently, the message was aired through wireless set and the authorities were alerted.

Those who escaped include Rajesh, Rakesh and Chand Khan. While the first two are undertrial prisoners in cases of loot, the third has been convicted in a case of assault.

Bhopal police Superintendent Jaideep Prasad said a departmental inquiry has being ordered to ascertain the circumstances that led to the escape. The officials are, however, tight-lipped over the manner in which the three inmates escaped.