Father ‘kidnaps’ son to implicate brother-in-law

Bhopal, Nov 16 (Inditop.com) A man has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping his son and misleading police to implicate his brother-in-law in this Madhya Pradesh capital, authorities said Monday.

Dheeraj Singh, resident of Pipaliyakadim village near Bhopal, had filed a police complaint Nov 11 that his eight-year-old son had gone missing from school. He had said that his brother-in-law Himmat Singh and Himmat’s friend Lakhan could be involved in the incident.

However, police on investigations found that the child, Shubham, was at the residence of Dheeraj’s friend. The child on being interrogated told police that his father had left him there.

Dheeraj, who was later arrested, confessed to have conspired with his brother Jamuna Prasad to implicate his brother-in-law Himmat Singh in the kidnapping case.

Both Dheeraj Singh and Jamuna Prasad have been arrested, a police officer said.