13 killed in Azerbaijan college shooting (Lead)

Baku, April 30 (Inditop) Thirteen students and teachers were killed in a shooting spree at a college in Azerbaijan Thursday, the health ministry said.

At least 11 others were also injured when a gunman, identified as a Georgian national, opened fire at the State Oil Academy in the capital Baku before killing himself.

The gunman was reported to have killed a security guard and a house cleaning staff after entering the academy and continued shooting indiscriminately at students and staff from a Makarov pistol while going up a staircase.

A police officer said the attacker climbed up to the sixth floor and shot himself in one of the classrooms there.

The interior ministry said the police had completed its investigation and details would be released later.

Television reports said Azerbaijani, Turkish and Syrian nationals were among the dead. Some media reports also said that two gunmen were involved in the attack in the academy, which is a major international centre training oil industry specialists.