Say no to nuclear plant, Mahasweta tells tribals

Kolkata, Nov 25 ( Railing against a proposed nuclear power plant in West Bengal’s Haripur, celebrated writer Mahasweta Devi has urged tribals to send five post cards each to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying no to the plant.

“The proposed nuclear power plants in the country are the brainchild of the prime minister. So you have to take the protests to his doorstep,” Mahasweta Devi said while addressing a convention of tribal people here Tuesday.

The Magsaysay award winner called upon tribals to carry out an intense but peaceful and democratic agitation against the proposed Haripur power plant in East Midnapur district.

“Each of you should send five postcards to the prime minister. On each postcard it should be written ‘Say no to Haripur nuclear power plant in West Bengal’,” she said, giving the audience the addresses of the prime minister’s residence and office in the national capital.

The locals have been up in arms against the Haripur project fearing damage to the environment and loss of livelihood. The bulk of the population there depends on fishing and agriculture.

The union government’s site selection panel for nuclear plants recently declared Haripur suitable for a nuclear park with an initial provision for six 1,000 MW units.