Metro to educate commuters on safety through short film

New Delhi, Jan 30 (IANS) Two weeks after a commuter got stuck between the sliding doors of a moving Metro train, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Monday said it will soon come out with a short film to educate passengers on the correct manner of stepping in and out of the trains to avoid mishaps.

The DMRC decision on coming out with a film came after the Jan 17 incident, when the ankle of a commuter, Sunny Kumar, got caught between the doors of a Metro train forcing him to cling on to the door till the train reached the next station. Kumar was travelling on the Dwarka Sector 21-Noida City Centre line, bound for Rajiv Chowk.
“Kumar, with presence of mind, clung on to the door (travelling almost three minutes clinging on to the door in a speeding train on an elevated track). He was rescued only at the next station, when the train stopped at Janakpuri (East). Since he clung tightly to the door, the man was unhurt when he got off the train,” a Delhi Metro official said.
The line on which the incident occurred is one of the busiest and carries almost 6 lakh passengers on an average in a day.
“After the Jan 17 freak accident, we want to educate people. So, the DMRC is coming out with a short film of two minute duration. The film will inform you on how to step in and out of the trains in a correct manner to avoid mishaps, which will be screened on TVs at Metro stations. The film advises passengers to stay away from the train doors,” a Delhi Metro official said.
The film will also ask passengers not to interfere with the door closing operation by obstructing it or putting any object in between the doors.