Indian company win 2012 Site Crystal Award

New Delhi, Sep 15 (IANS) A Delhi company, Incentive Destinations, has been declared the 2012 Site Crystal Award winner in the category “Exceptional Motivational Travel Program”.

The announcement was made Saturday at the Site Crystal Awards luncheon during the Site International Conference in Beijing, a company press release said.

‘The Himalayan Kingdom’, the program that won the Site Crystal Award for Incentive Destinations, was designed to reward top performing insurance advisers from Delta Lloyd Life, Belgium, a Dutch insurer with operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

‘The Himalayan Kingdom’ destination was Nepal, a country that combines cultural richness with astounding natural beauty. In addition, Nepal also became the location of meaningful and sustainable CSR activity that focussed on primary education which was woven into a mountain trek program.

“Nepal provided a combination of intense activities like rafting, trekking and mountain biking, contrasted with relaxing choices like spa massages, picnic lunches, shopping and the stupendous views of the Greater Himalayas,” said Mr Anup Nair, Managing Director, Incentive Destinations upon receiving the award.

“Nepal was also the perfect stage for immersive experiences like the Hippie Theme Dinner that took guests back into the hippie movement of the 1960’s or the treasure hunt to locate the lunch venue in Bhaktapur,” he added.