Hotels, airlines make the most out of festive season: Assocham

New Delhi, Dec 30 (IANS) Leveraging most out of the festive season, hotels and airlines have jacked up their tariffs this week following the trend that people go on for vacation during the year-end, a report by industry body ASSOCHAM said here Tuesday.

“An ASSOCHAM report indicates that hotels in major tourist destinations and big metropolitan cities have increased room rates by 40-55 percent while in some of the sought after locations like Goa, the room rental this week is double or three times the rates in September-October.
“Star rated hotels in the metros have upped the prices in their hotels and hiked the room tariffs by nearly 45 percent to cash in on the festive mood of party revelers,” the statement said.
Likewise flights on the Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Goa, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi-Kolkata, Mumbai-Kolkata and towards other southern locations have expensive by more 40 percent as compared to the rates in September-October, the report stated.
“Occupancy in places like Goa, Thiruvananthapuram are about 100 percent while even in major cities, the occupancy in hotels is well past 70-80 percent during the mid-week, while on the Dec 31, 2014 and Jan 1, 2015 right up to the week-end, it is above 85-90 percent, giving the hotels chance to make the best of new year season.”
“New Year celebrations are taking new formats with more and more families willing to splurge. Tech trend is more among the well-paid professionals in the IT, private sector banks,” said ASSOCHAM secretary general D.S. Rawat.
New Year revellers in Delhi have planned to spend Rs.25,000-Rs.30,000 per couple in five star hotels to enjoy a meal-cum-entertainment package, while those partying at the four and three star hotels have dished out Rs.15,000-20,000 per couple per night.
Delhi alone is witnessing a growth nearly 35-45 percent in occupancy levels this December while room rates have moderated 30-35 percent.
“Similarly, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad have also recorded a growth in occupancy during the New Year. On an average, Bengaluru’s occupancy will increase by 25-30 percent this year, Chennai will jump by 20-25 percent and Hyderabad 10-15 percent. City hotels not only cut rates but offer festive season packages to boost occupancy levels during the holiday season for December-January,” the report added.
Most of the major hotels’ representatives said they are providing attractive offers, packages for couples which includes food and liquor packages along with an accommodation to make their stay pleasant and comfortable so that they can stay back after the party.
Besides, many respondents said they have made special arrangements for couples with kids and they have dedicated hotel staff who will take care of kids and are ready with different arrangements like a dedicated kids’ zone so that couples can enjoy and ring in the new year without worrying about their children.