Fitness, lifestyle products top online shopping in Punjab (Trend Feature)

Chandigarh, March 22 (IANS) The Punjabi penchant for food is well known. But now, thanks to the younger generation, fitness and lifestyle products are increasingly becoming popular, a survey on the online shopping list of young Punjabis shows.

Fitness equipment like treadmills and lifestyle items like sunglasses are a big hit among flamboyant Punjabis. Also, weighttraining equipment, nose rings and home curtains are high on their online trading lists. This has been revealed in leading online shopping portal eBay India census guide released here.
In comparison, online shoppers in neighbouring Haryana opted mostly for shopping of pens.
In Chandigarh, the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, the preference of online shoppers has been mobile accessories, memorycard readers, women’s fragrances and designer pens – not to forget cars. Other shoppers picked up bluetooth dongles, DVD packs, exercise cycles, computer soundcards and men’s metalframe sunglasses.
“These online shopping trends were observed in the eBay census that studied the online transactions on the portal in 4,306 e-commerce hubs across the country,” Malini Sharma Thakur, an eBay India trend watcher, told IANS here.
“The trends as seen in Punjab and Chandigarh reveal that people here are quite active online shoppers. This region has very interesting online buying and selling trends including the sale of maximum number of fitness equipment and lifestyle accessories. Online shopping is fast becoming a reliable option of shopping for many,” she pointed out.
The eBay census guide documents key trends in online buying, importing, selling and exporting goods across India.
She said that the survey was not only about shopping from the region.
Products being sold from the region (Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh) were also being bought in the United States, followed by China, Britain, Hong Kong and Thailand.
Records show that Chandigarh’s maximum exports were dental supplies while that of Punjab was mobile accessories.
While Chandigarh was ranked 9th rank nationally in online shopping, Punjab was the 11th most active state on eBay. Company officials, however, did not disclose the exact business generated from the region.
India’s Top three eCommerce hubs are Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. The top states with the most transactions are Maharashtra, Delhi and Rajasthan.
Avatar Singh, who is a regular seller on eBay, told IANS: “I am selling artificial jewellery on eBay. The response is good and I have earned customers even from as far as Beijing and Bangkok. It is an easy and lucrative way of selling.”
The census stated that Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia and Scandisk were the most transacted brands on eBay India.
An overview of the online trading trend in Chandigarh stated that the city’s residents purchased 47 percent of technology products while lifestyle products formed 56 percent of the imports.
Notably, the maximum number of chessboards sold worldwide were sold from Chandigarh.
Talking about the intra-city trends in Chandigarh, Thakur said: “In Chandigarh, Sector 21 saw the maximum buyers for gold-plated jhumkas, Sector 17 ordered the maximum salwar suit material while Sector 15 residents were most interested in men’s wrist watches.”
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