Chandigarh gets expensive X-mas gifts from Santa — onions

Chandigarh, Dec 22 (IANS) If you’re raking your brains over what to gift this Christmas, then take a tip from Jaspal Bhatti. Accompanied by a group of boys and girls dressed as Santa Claus, the comedian-actor distributed onions among people at the fruit and vegetables market here Wednesday.

‘This is the most expensive gift that we can give to people this Christmas. We have selected the bigger onions for the VIPs while the smaller ones are for the common man,’ Bhatti told IANS.

Bhatti, who was accompanied by students of his MAD Arts School here, later presented a garland of vegetables, including onions, to his wife, Savita Bhatti.

They later sang a Christmas carol – a satire on the rising prices of onions and other vegetables of daily need.

‘Onions can cheer up the common man more than chocolates can children. I appeal to all the Santa Claus of India to put onions in ladies’ purses and stockings hung in homes to spread happiness around X-mas and the New Year,’ Bhatti said with tongue firmly in cheek.

Bhatti also appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to get into Santa Claus’s costume and start delivering onions to the common man.

Asked from where he was getting the money to buy onions at the prevailing exorbitant prices, he said: ‘We have got funding from those involved in the 2G scam. You will get to know about the funding agencies through WikiLeaks shortly.’

Bhatti appealed to the police chief in Mumbai to provide him security cover while purchasing onions since there was a threat to anyone who possesses onions.