CCTVs demanded near Goa beach to deter thefts

Panaji, March 19 (IANS) CCTV cameras are needed at the Calangute beach, one of the most sought after beach destinations in Goa, following a string of crimes against tourists, a legislator said Tuesday.

Speaking in the assembly, Calangute legislator Michael Lobo said thefts were taking place even though the British foreign office in 2012 issued a travel advisory asking tourists to be cautious while in Calangute.
“Even after the advisory, there were 35 thefts in Calangute,” Lobo said, adding that tourists were being targeted.
Lobo demanded that CCTV cameras be installed along the main roads as well as the bylanes leading to the beaches in order to deter thefts.
“Tourists must be made to feel secure and protected from thefts. All migrants and labourers who come to Goa should have a police verification card,” he said.
“Travellers staying in hotels on the smaller roads in the Candolim-Calangute belt are advised to be particularly careful when walking to or from the main road as there have been reports of snatchings on these stretches since the beginning of 2012,” the British advisory had said.
“The perpetrators approach on two-wheelers with headlights on full beam to blind their victims, snatch the bags and speed off,” it added.

The Calangute-Candolim beach belt, located around 20 km from Goa’s capital Panaji, is the most frequented belt by foreigners and domestic tourists and is known for its beaches and nightlife.