Tips For a Healthy Car


Maintaining your vehicles is as important as driving them. Many people just think that getting the car serviced is only a way for the service center people and the company to take more money from you, but in real it is really what keeps your car new and healthy for long periods. A well maintained car will still keep driving like a new one even after 5 years while an ill-maintained car of 2 years will feel like an old 10 year one. So here are some tips for you to keep in mind to maintain your car properly.


  1. Clean it regularly: The service center people do clean it after every service, but it is still a good practice for you to keep cleaning the car regularly, at least every alternate day if you happen to live in an area with a lot of dust and a non-covered parking spot.
  2. Keep the Fluid levels in check: A car has engine oil, coolant, radiator water, windscreen cleaning water, etc. If you run out of any one of them it could cause a lot of issues for you during your journey, so always make sure they are at proper levels.
  3. Lubricate the joints: That includes your door hinges, boot lid hinges and all the moving parts of the car are well oiled and greased up for a non-squeaky and smooth use.
  4. Maintain proper tyre pressure: Less pressure in tyres will lead to less mileage of the car and decreased performance. On the other hand more pressure leads to a very bumpy ride and made them easily prone to punctures. So do keep that in check.
  5. Always fill pure fuels: Many petrol pumps cheat by providing mixed fuel or impure fuel which in turn harms the engine of the car leading to a drop in performance and the overall life of the engine and eventually the car. To avoid that, always fill in from the petrol pump which is trusted and has proven pure fuel for your card.
  6. Check battery level: Battery of the car is very important because everything from the air conditioner to the lights to the engine is started and works on the battery. So if your battery happens to run off juice, you can surely guarantee you being stranded somewhere off the road. So make sure your car battery is working properly and optimally charged at all times.
  7. Make sure the electricals are working fine: Your car lights like headlights and indicators along with the wipers and fog lamps should all be working properly in case they are needed. In the rains it is always better to have a fresh pair of wipers put on the car since the old ones get hardened up due to the excess heat of the summers.


So here are some ways by which you can care well for your car and make sure it is working perfectly well. Following these some simple tips you can be sure that your car will stay new and fresh for years to come by and you can happily munch many a miles in your beloved car with your friends and family.