Apollo Tyres Chennai Plant Resumes Operation Post Flood

Apart from the loss of life and destruction of public and private property, the Chennai floods even made a lot of ruckus for the industries located there as well. As the city received its highest rainfall in a century, a lot of industries took a hit as well since many of the large and heavy industries have their manufacturing base in Chennai.

Apollo Tyres Chennai Unit

Apollo Tyres being one of them had been shut down due to rain and water-logging in the factory and hence it was not safe to operate any machinery as well as not safe for the workers to come in for work in all the floods. This had rendered the factory non-operational for the time being while all the issues were being sorted out.

Now Apollo Tyres has resumed its operation in full flow in its manufacturing unit in Oragadam which is located in the outskirts of Chennai. The company put out a statement to the media and also filed in to the BSE that the factory is operational now and the excess water has been drained out. Their equipment is all safe and the workforce is all fine and healthy and not suffered any issues in the floods.


“The company has started its production operations. We have made sure that the excess water gets drained into rainwater harvesting system. Storm water drains are clog free. Our employees are safe and secure,” they said in the BSE filing.

The company has not suffered that big a loss as they had thought out to be and they have lost about 10 shifts of work time in the factory. This amounts to near about 1500 Metric Tons of production from the factory. They are positive that once the factory gets back to its 100% production capacity, they will be assess the exact amount of loss for the company which will later be filed in a claim to the insurance company.

Apollo Tyres is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the country and produces a plethora of products of all sizes and for all types of vehicles from two wheelers to fours wheelers and even more. Their loss hopefully would not affect them much since they might have already put out the stock of its previous batch in circulation and while the new bunch reaches distribution. The company has even inked deals with providing tyres to car companies to fit on their cars in the factory itself and this shortage there might end up in some amount of loss for those companies as well.